Saturday, 5 June 2010

Our sad news

On the 14th May, our lovely old boy, Eddy passed away.

Eddy was 15 years old and came to live with us at the age of 11 and a half when his owner was emigrating to Australia.

He was a wonderful little man who had his little quirks and could be a grump but all he ever wanted was to have cuddles and loved people.

At the beginning of the week we noticed him beginning to go downhill and knew that we didn't want him to suffer. He had been diagnosed with kidney disease months ago and we knew that we wanted him to pass on before he suffered with it. We booked for the vets to come to the house so on Friday afternoon we took him out with his girls for a lovely walk at Wadsley Common, Sheffield. He loved it and had a wonderful time, rolled about in the grass and we took it at his pace.
We brought him home and he had a box of chocolates! Eddy was a chocolate fiend and could find it anywhere but because it is toxic to dogs, he was never allowed it!
He had a box of Lindor chocolates and the vets came to help him on his way.

We now have Eddy's ashes and will choose a day to go and scatter them at his favourite walking place.

We'll never forget our wonderful boy.

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